01 November 2013

Why we loved October

Is it just us or did October seem to zoom by rather quickly?! It seems like just yesterday we updated our desktop calendars to October and scheduled in our monthly meetings. October has been good to The Ruby Orchard, we've revamped our blog/site, put some big plans in place and had our best sales month so far since opening! Yay!

Here are some of our other October highlights....

1// Local 'celebrity' blogger, Keri Bainbourgh from Midlands Musing popped into the store for a spot of shopping and wrote these beautiful words about us... 'The Ruby Orchard is situated in an old renovated house with lots of light and air filtering into inter-leading rooms which are jam-packed with lovely (also read: reasonably price) decor, homeware and gifts'. 

2// We went potty over over John the potters pottery... a yearly opportunity (we hope) to stock up on the most beautiful pottery from Betty's bay.

3// Hannah confessed her obsession to jugs... chunky milk jugs, teeny cream jugs, pretty sauce jugs, huge vase jugs, old looking jugs, new shiny jugs.... you name it! She really is obsessed!

4// Tracy Humphrey was our 'product in action' winner, submitting this beautiful picture of her rustic hook hanger. We love all the little trinkets hanging off it, simply gorgeous! Choosing the winner wasn't easy, Tracy had some stiff competition from the other entries!

5// October was the month our customers decided we offered a gift wrapping service... and for some reason it always seemed to be the odd shaped items that needed wrapping lol! Honestly we didn't mind but maybe it's something for us to look into and perfect our skills or maybe even your skills?! In the mean time we will try our best to wrap your pressies with all the beautiful gift wrap available.

6// By far our most popular blog post this month was Why SA Rocks! SA certainly does rock because you can get amazing steaks, fresh avocados, cheap wine & an endless amount of creative geniuses at I heart market.

7// Scribbles, ideas, plans and dreams all came together last week over a coffee, hot chocolate & tea with Nadia van der Mescht. We left feeling excited about the future of The Ruby Orchard... Ladies & Gents watch this space!

8// We scheduled in a night of mulled wine, mince pies & shopping to get you all into the festive spirit... yup Christmas is just around the corner! If would like to join us then please do RSVP as soon as possible, the event is on the 22nd November from 6:30pm - 9:00pm. All are welcome! 

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