29 November 2013

Why we loved November

The Christmas countdown is about to begin. The rain in November reminds me of home, the tashes in November remind me of the 80s. What a month it has been, with only 26 days until Christmas you have been flocking to get an early start on your Christmas shopping and for that we thank you. Here's a look back at Novembers best bits.

1// November saw four special feature posts on some of our favourite suppliers and friends. Oak & Willow, Alice May, Bella Jo & John the Potter all answered our questions. Alice has had dinner with Heidi Klum (omg) and Bella Jo loves chicken necks and long shorts!

2// I had a fab, yet windy afternoon at I heart market, I spent too much, ate too much and loved it!

3// Our oh so popular scarves and vintage scales were back in stock. We had waiting lists for these so ordered plenty.  We still have stock for Christmas.

4// The Ruby Orchard got festive. Tying teeny tiny Christmassy ribbons on 200 cute laser cut decorations was actually quite therapeutic!  We also inspired you with some festive cookie ideas.

5// We sold a stack of furniture this month! 'A' frame shelving units, a vintage couch, tables, workbenches, you have been loving our quirky, upcycled pieces. We will continue to stock the shop with new items and keep our prices as reasonable as possible.

6// Our unofficial online store was launched  For those who live far away and are desperate for a piece of Ruby Orchardness in their home, we make a plan! We have sent scales, wine signs and scarves all over SA, Just ask!

7// Andrea from Clever bird banter visited The Ruby Orchard for the first time, I think she liked it, she has been back 4 times since ;-)  Andrea said 'there is literally not one item I would be unhappy with if I found it under the Christmas tree' in her blog post - Thankyou!  We are excited to be working with Andrea and her new venture - Babybird basics... watch this space.

8// We were featured! House and Leisure blog said our products have a 'country like feel' and Garden and Home magazine reported us as 'The new kid on the décor store block'! And a lovely lady wrote a letter to the local Witness to thank us. Amazingly proud.

9// The highlight of the month - 120 Christmas shoppers joined us for mulled wine, snacks and an evening of shopping.  WOW! What an awesome evening, the last shoppers headed home at 11pm! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for supporting us.

10// We joined forces with Kim and Fil at Ruby & Swallow for a Christmas giveaway.  It was such a pleasure to answer a few questions for their local business post too.

We are staying open until the 24th December and have more stock on the way so don't stress!  Cheers to the silly season... let the countdown begin!

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