30 June 2014

June - It's been busy!

Here is a look back at what we have been up to this month...

1// June 1st saw our first Creative in-store workshop. We loved sharing our knowledge, experience and ideas with the creative ladies and gentleman who attended the workshop.  So nice to have Nadia Van der Mescht on board too... what a great sponsor and such thoughtful words she shared.

2// We took a wonder down memory lane and posted pics of how The Ruby Orchard has changed. Click here to have a look.

3// Dads were thanked and rewarded on Fathers day. We shared gift ideas and personalized prints for Dads.

4// We ran a facebook competition... just because!  Here are a few of our favorite entries...

'What I like most about The Ruby Orchard is...

'...its timeless elegance. A shop where you can dream and let your creativity and imagination flow. It's a shop that is warm with sincerity and a haven where you will find a gift of any kind'.

'...the way they support local and developing artists alongside their quality international suppliers. Everything in your store has a fresh, organic and made-with-love feel'.

'...their arty and very modern products. Simplicity, elegance and very unique... It just leaves a warm feeling in my tummy'.

5// A new series has been running on the blog - 'Here are a few of our favorite things...' Check out Hannah s, Nicola's and Hazels faves.

6// We launched a new range of cards and gift wrap by Stuff from Africa and featured Georgina - the mind behind the business in our Feature on Creative series.

7// New jugs arrived and we shared some decor inspiration with you.

8// June has seen our furniture refurbs continue and sell out... Chairs, a rustic kitchen sideboard, trestle table with glass top.  So much more in the workshop... watch this space!

9// More of the beautiful Skinny Laminx and Oak and Willow stock arrived.... Yay!

It's JULY tomorrow... WHAT?!!!  Lets do it!!!

27 June 2014

Hazel's favourites

Brandy Snap Foreva Candles • Green & White Colanders • Square baskets • Our Ruby Orchard Rustic • Frames Beautifully upcycled kitchen cupboard

25 June 2014

Style Inspiration - Hints of sunshine

We have been waiting for these to arrive!

I just love it when we unpack new stock, and these jugs are one of my favorite products in store at the moment.  With a vintage feel, these jugs are perfect for flowers, sauces, cool drinks or decor. They stand 20cm tall, are R225 and come in three colours:

Classy Grey 
Zesty Lime yellow
Classic off white

I LOVE the yellow one and am a little obsessed with these colour combinations at the moment.  Yellow is capable of cheering up any room with a dash of sunshine, add some duck egg and it can look so cheery yet stylish.

Grey, Yellow, Naturals and Duck egg - Here is some colour Inspiration - Check these beautiful spaces out!

 Watch out for these colours to appear at The Ruby Orchard in a big way! 
Cannot wait to reveal what is in the workshop! 

23 June 2014

19 June 2014

Feature on Creative - Stuff from Africa

How exciting our bright & fun new range of gift wrap & cards arrived yesterday! Below Georgina from Stuff from Africa let's us in on their business secrets...

1. How did Stuff from Africa start? 
I was retrenched from working as a strategic planner at a well known Cape Town Advertising agency, and I wanted to do something for myself. And Stuff From Africa slowly began…

2. What is the concept behind the business?
Happy Stationary for happy people.

3. Who are the artists behind the beautiful cards & gift wrap? 
The number of artists is slowly growing.. And we have big plans for the next few years. Adri & Gorge – this is me and a wonderful friend of mine. Karen Vermeulen Maria Lebedeva Patrick Latimer Alistair Ackerman Pete Woodbridge Gemma Orkin And Tracy Paul

4. Describe your business in 3 words?
Bold. Fun. African.

5. Where do you see Stuff from Africa in the next year?
Still designing cards and wrap that appeal obviously, but hopefully lots more collaborations with wonderful South African artists, as well as artists from other parts of Africa.

 6. What is the most valuable lesson you've learnt in running your business? 
Hard work. Just do it. There is no way around it.

7. Where do you find inspiration for your business? 
From the people I work with. South Africa is an inspirational place. So many people being creative and doing it for themselves.

 8. What’s your - 
Top Song – depends on my mood .. But I always like a good boogie in my office, when I need some inspiration.
Top Food - French cooking .. There is nothing like a good rich sauce on a piece of sirloin.
Top beverage – A glass of French champagne, whenever I am offered, I can never refuse. Any offers?
Top Place – anywhere to be honest - when with a good pal or my partner David, or my sister Sam – cheesy I know, but when with people you love, even a bad place can be good.
Top movie – too many.. Here is a mini list - Juno. Shawshank Redemption, of course. any movie by Pedro Almodovar, Schindlers List always makes me cry, that end scene too much. Seabuscuit, I love a good tale. Lots of amazing foreign movies.. I love a subtitle.

9. Imagine you are heading out for dinner with a bunch of famous bods - who would be sitting around the table with you? 
Nelson Mandela, Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, Ghandi, Bill Clinton, Leonard de Vinci, Charles Darwin, William Shakespear, Oprah Winfrey – you know just a few unknowns..

16 June 2014

Youth Day

'Another Public Holiday?!'

After living in SA for nearly 2 years this was my first thought leading into the long weekend.

Having studied the apartheid years as part of my Sports Studies A Level course, this South African history module focused on the effects of apartheid on world wide sport and South African sports teams, therefore my South African History knowledge is not as good as it maybe should be.

I set a side some time this afternoon to read and google and learn about Youth day and now understand why today the Country is awarded a public holiday to remember June 16th 1976.

June 16th 1976 - The Soweto uprising

So today we remember those who walked from their schools, protested and vented their anger in response to the introduction of Afrikaans as the language of delivery in many school subjects.  This was implemented throughout South Africa regardless of locally spoken language and indigenous languages would only be used to deliver religious studies, music and culture.

What started as peaceful protest turned into a bloodbath and 38 years ago many young black South Africans lost their lives fighting for a better education and future.

13 June 2014

Hannah's favourite items

Nothing beats our favourites & this is my list of them! Some of these I've been lusting after for months and months and when my new house is built and ready for me I'll certainly be adding them to my home decor.

11 June 2014

Father's Day Gifting

Father's Day is coming up fast (15th June) but don't worry we have everything wrapped up for you! Whether your Dad is a braai, biltong and fishing kinda guy or more a Sunday morning newspaper, coffee and breakfast kinda guy we've got the perfect gifts to make him smile. 

From top to bottom - Herd print Skinny La Minx Cushions, wooden biltong board, Hessian 'Strong Coffee' Print, Dark wooden biltong boards with knife, Thomas Kent black clock, Alice May double Toast dippy egg board, Various Ruby Orchard Rustic Frames, Custom made Father's day print, Indieberries postcards

09 June 2014

Look how we have changed...

Last week a lovely lady came into our shop and admitted, with utter honesty, that on her first visit to The Ruby Orchard almost a year ago she thought 'Oh another shop in the Midlands - this won't last', but to her surprise we are still here and still going from strength to strength.

And so we've put together a few before and after pictures to show you how much can change in just over a year...

Our framing days - how uninspiring

 The beginning of The Ruby Orchard - look at those empty shelves

Before & After

Today - June 2014...


04 June 2014

Creative 'In Store' workshop a recap

An inspiring day of learning & networking

On Sunday we hosted our very first Creative 'In Store' Workshop which was attended by 17 lovely ladies and one very lucky gentleman! We are delighted to say the day was a great success - new friendships were made, insights and discoveries into others business were explored and lots of divine and tasty food was eaten. 

The workshop explored
 - How to select shops, apporach them and pitch right
 - Produce great catalogues and order forms
 - Pricing your products for wholesale
 - Consignment & Exclusivity 
 - Making the shop work for you to grow your brand

Just a few of the many top tips shared on the day...

// Check your pricing constantly, Research new ways to improve production time and costs to reduce your costs. You will make more money by being smart.

// Check out the stores Facebook page, Pinterest boards, blog and webpage to get more of an insight and understand the ethos of that shop.

// Say no to consignment, but have wholesale terms and conditions which are very retailer-friendly and reduce their risk.

// The worst thing to think - ‘If they want more, they’ll get in touch’.

We would like to thank our the wonderful sponsors who contributed to making the day even more amazing! We were totally blown away with the generosity of each and every one of you. Your help and contribution was truly appreciated! 

Fern Hill Hotel - At 7:30am on the day of the course I arrived at the hotel expecting to pick up, you know , a plate or two of treats for our creatives boy how I wrong as it took four extremely helpful staff to load up my car! There were tasty cocktail prego rolls, Quail egg baskets with aioli, Rose macaroons, miniature brandy snaps and more! 

Nadia van der Mescht - We were honored to have Nadia sponsor her little notebooks and also give her insight and input into making a creative business work. 

Rondavel Soaps - Delicious smelling soaps wrapped in exclusive Ruby Orchard packaging. Thank You! 

Wedgewood Nougat - Tea time wouldn't have been the same without Angel biscuits and nougat. Delicious!

Consol - Cute little water bottles kept all our students hydrated throughout the day.

Clever Bird banter - All our students were treated to a 25% discount voucher off Andrea's very beautiful graphic design work.

We are still in the process of finalising more Workshop dates for later in 2014 - if you are interested in a spot please email us on therubyorchard@hotmail.com

02 June 2014

Fathers Day - Make it special with a personalised print

A Unique gift for special Dads.  You choose the text, you choose the size, colours, fonts... we'll do the rest! 

You can find a quote you love, a saying that your Dad always says or a 'remember when' list of fun memories. 

A5 prints from R195, designed, printed & framed
A4 prints from R295, designed, printed & framed
A3 prints from R395, designed, printed & framed

Email us to get your print ready in time for Father's Day - therubyorchard@hotmail.com

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