25 June 2014

Style Inspiration - Hints of sunshine

We have been waiting for these to arrive!

I just love it when we unpack new stock, and these jugs are one of my favorite products in store at the moment.  With a vintage feel, these jugs are perfect for flowers, sauces, cool drinks or decor. They stand 20cm tall, are R225 and come in three colours:

Classy Grey 
Zesty Lime yellow
Classic off white

I LOVE the yellow one and am a little obsessed with these colour combinations at the moment.  Yellow is capable of cheering up any room with a dash of sunshine, add some duck egg and it can look so cheery yet stylish.

Grey, Yellow, Naturals and Duck egg - Here is some colour Inspiration - Check these beautiful spaces out!

 Watch out for these colours to appear at The Ruby Orchard in a big way! 
Cannot wait to reveal what is in the workshop! 

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