31 January 2014

What a lovely start to 2014!

1// We kicked off the year with a BIG Ruby Orchard sale. Love Milo mugs, Urchin Art bowls, Candy Flowers bags and more are still up to 30% off and further reductions to come next week!

2// We let you in our aspirations for 2014. Making a plan, being creative, working hard and most importantly being original are our top priorities for this year.

3// There were lots of orders placed, boxes unpacked and shelves restocked. We've got lots of lovely new things and some old favourites back in store i.e The Red Scales! We've got lots more boxes on the way so be sure to pop in for a browse soon. 

4// Without you we wouldn't be here and so to show our appreciate we let all of you who'd said a kind word or two about us have 10% off your next purchase. Thank you for your lovely words, they mean the world to us!

5// Our 'Meet the team series' kicked off mid-January giving you a little insight into the team that makes The Ruby Orchard tick.

6// Yummy pizza, fresh veg markets and a Taste of Thai were all on Hannah's top 5 things to do in the Midlands.

7// We extended our Rustic frame range after lots of customer requests. We've now got double & triple frames and bespoke Rustic frames to suit your pretty picture needs!

8// Our window mirrors continued to fly out the store this month.

9// Some new pieces of furniture have been taken apart, sanded down, painted and added to our up-cycled collection. And we are even more excited to be adding some stunning hairpin furniture pieces to our collection in February.

10// Look out for our new wrapping station.... lot's of lovely pretty paper, ribbons, gift bags and washi tape  will be available in store for you to wrap up your gifts with love for that someone special. 

29 January 2014

Meet the team - Week 2 Hazel Selepe

1// The best thing I ever bought at The Ruby Orchard... My Carafe
2// My guilty pleasure is… Banoffee Ice-cream

3// What’s on your desk? Paper, paper & more paperwork

4// My favourite thing about summer… The smell of rain on a hot summer afternoon

5// A song that makes you happy, ever single time? Tracey Chapman - Fast Car

6// The movie you just can’t get enough of… TED - lol. Hilariously Funny!

7// What’s the perfect drink to quench your thirst? Peach flavoured Ice-tea

8// Flowers or scatter cushions? Scatter cushions definitely.

9// 2 famous people you’d love to have dinner with? Michelle & Barack Obhama

10// Favourite thing to do in the Midlands? Drive or rather 'Meander around' & buy little treats from here & there

11// Describe yourself in 3 words...
& Boring (well that's what my kids think)

24 January 2014

The Midlands rocks - My top 5!

Moving from the UK to Kwa-Zulu Natal it didn't take me long to settle in when I was shown some of the best places to eat, drink and shop in the Midlands.  These are some of the places I love to go during weekends, holidays and afternoons off.

1// Karkoof Farmers Market, Howick. Saturday mornings 7am-11am. Pancakes, bacon rolls, freshly squeezed juices - breakfast done. With a huge play area for kiddies, our little boy Jonah loves it. I amble around the bustling market selecting  fresh veggies, cold meats, breads and yummy little Portuguese custard tarts for the weekend.

2// Il Postino.  Situated on the Dargle road these are undoubtedly the best pizzas around.   Brilliant for little ones too with a fenced in play area. We love to head early evening and sit in the bar with the locals for a beer and pizza after work!

3// Nicholsons - Garlington Estate. Anniversary dinners, special occasions, splurge with the ladies. The restaurant serves exquisite food, you do have to book.  Alternatively grab a pizza and cocktail in the trendy bar.

4// Taste of Thai - Hilton. Great for a girls nights out.  Yummy curry, stir fry and spring rolls. Take your own wine and beer as they don't have a licence - saves a few coffers!

5// Blueberry Café - Nottingham Road.   Not really one for energetic little ones, this beautiful hill top retreat was recently refurbished, it boasts stunning views and serves yummy breakfasts, lunches and cheesecake! The shop has some lovely furniture and high end home decor. Check out the rest rooms!

Enjoy :-) 

22 January 2014

Meet The Team - Week 1 Nicola Tweed

When you send us a mail, give us a call, comment on our blog or facebook page... do you ever wonder who the are people behind the replies? When you come in store... who wraps your gifts, assists you, shows you around?  Who is behind the scenes making, creating, hunting and sourcing...

In this mini series we are going to ask our team to share some secrets, talk about their role at The Ruby Orchard and find out who they would love to have dinner with!  Join us every Wednesday to get to know our team! 

To kick off the series Nicola Tweed answered some questions for me... You must check out her awesome Design & Lifestyle blog for motivation, inspiration and exercise and diet tips.

1// What were you doing before you started working at The Ruby Orchard?
Before The Ruby Orchard & Howick I was living in London working for an Insurance company as an Underwriter/Sales Assistant , the work was in all honesty very dull but the crazy bunch of people I worked with made it a great place to work!

2// What do you like most about your role at The Ruby Orchard?
I love the creative freedom I have in my role, from the layout of the shop to the creating of blog posts and taking pictures of the products. I also love coming up with new marketing ideas for the shop.
Oh yes and the 2 minute commute!  

 3// When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?!
I’m still deciding, when I’m all grown up I’ll let you know…
Ok but seriously I do remember when I was teen I wanted to be a vet but when I realised I had to take Biology with a dragon of a teacher I decided against it. 3 years with that woman as a teacher would have totally killed me!  

 4// Describe yourself in 3 words!
Hmmmmm good question
Patient, poised and trustworthy

5// What do you on your days off?
I love a good lie in, not necessarily sleeping but just playing on my ipad and reading in bed.  I’ve also been enjoying the many café’s that the Meander has to offer – Café Bloom is a winner. I really wish it was in Howick!

6// 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself
I was bitten by a monkey when I was about 7.
I am the happiest morning person.
I once worked for the Richelieu family.

7// I never leave home without…
I can and often leave home with nothing.  I hate baggage especially when I go shopping or dancing!

8//  What’s your -
Top Song(at the moment) Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World
Top Food  - (at the moment) Woolworths speckled eggs
Top beverageAny green juice & a bottle of Malbec! Ha, Ha, ha what a contradiction.
Top PlaceL.A - the mountains, the beach, the shops, the weird, the wacky, the health freaks and the glamorous. Love it all!
Top movieDevil Wears Prada ‘No, no, it’s not a question!’

9// Imagine you are heading out for dinner with a bunch of famous bods - who would be sitting around the table with you?
Richard Branson, Roger Federer, Victoria Beckham, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Marie Forleo & Morgan Freeman. 

21 January 2014

New - Double & Triple Rustic Frames

Now available, made to order rustic frames. Our shed is open if there is something in particular you'd like, maybe different timber, more picture space or a chunkier frame. Just ask in store!

17 January 2014

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Here at The Ruby Orchard we're lucky to be a part of Howick Mirror & Glass - a family run business dedicated to all things mirror and glass and more.

With help from our glass cutter and rustic framer we've created several gorgeous one off mirrors made from reclaimed timber, old doors and windows that you most certainly won't find anywhere else. In addition to this we have a catalog of mirrors to order and can cut mirrors or glass to any size.

The below two door mirrors are for your viewing pleasure only, sadly they aren't for sale!

15 January 2014

A few kind words...


We often get delightful sprinkles of gratitude and thanks from our customers and every single word is appreciated and so to show our appreciation we'd like to offer all the below well wishers a 10% off voucher to spend with us.  If your lovely words are listed below then drop us an email therubyorchard@hotmail.com to claim your voucher!


'I've already told hubby that if he buys me ANYTHING from the shop as a gift, I'm guaranteed to love it! Great selection, displays and lighting - love it!' - Andrea Barras

'Beautiful, unique, quality! I love your shop!!' - Candi Erasmus

'I have read all your posts after finding the link in the Garden & Home mag while on holiday in the Midlands. Popped into the Ruby Orchard after nagging my hubby to let me see. Ooed and aahed over just about everything and wished I could use some of our holiday budget to buy something beautiful...but perhaps next time we visit, now that I know about this lovely shop! My little girl came in with me clasping a little bouncy ball that I was afraid would knock over something fragile. In that moment she had an idea and asked, I think it was Nicola, for a piece of string. It wasn't part of her job description, I'm sure, but solving a little girls problem and finding a piece of string so a little 4 yr old could tie it around her ball, was no trouble at all! I have loved reading your story and trust that you will grow and prosper even more in 2014. What an inspiration!' - Lara

'The Ruby Orchard is lovely for gifts and picture framing, and with such helpful, pleasant people working there, they definitely deserve our support. Well-done to Hannah and her team.'  - Fenella Speed

'Just received such a beautiful gift from my sister who lives in Howick from The Ruby Orchard! Feeling so spoiled. xxx'- Janine Schmitt

'Beautiful' - Sarah Thomson

'What really amazing things you have!!!' - Charmain Edmunds

'My favourite shop in the Midlands, love popping in when ever I can' - Brenda Ellison Sara

'What a privilege to have this awesome shop in our home town!! There are loads of beautiful things to look at all the time - a breath of fresh air.' - Erica Rode

'Dreamy favourite space'  - Catherine Raphael

13 January 2014

New in store today!

We are so super delighted with our first delivery of 2014. Out popped all these lovely rustic plant pots, jugs, vases and fruit bowls... a perfect remedy for our slightly empty shelves.
We are slowly re-stocking our shelves and will have lots of other lovely products to show you soon soon!


10 January 2014

Pretty Ideas for summer

When home magazine featured a stunning double page spread of 'Fresh Ideas' flower arrangements, we loved that the pots and vases used for the gorgeous  displays were some of those we stocked.  

We love the willow twigs offering height.

Rosemary creating sweet smelling arrangements. 

Who would have thought to add artichokes and wild garlic - funky twist. 

Bright splashes of colour among the fresh greenery using hydrangeas and roses - just lovely. 

3 sizes ranging from R150 - R440


Here are some others we have in stock with gorgeous succulent arrangements.
 Top left: R99, Top Right: R99, Bottom Left: Small - R99, Large - R195, Bottom Right: Small - R110, Large - R220

*Images from supplier & Home Magazine*

09 January 2014

Aspirations for 2014

The Ruby Orchard team are action planning for 2014.  We are approaching new suppliers, searching for new products, placing orders and scheduling our blog posts.

We are starting the year off with positivity, creativity and goal setting.

 Here's our mantra for 2014.

1// Make a plan.  Schedules, to do lists, marketing strategy - check. A goal without a plan is just a wish - Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

2// Be Creative. Could we? Can we? What about? Lets try it. Lets change it. Lets do it again but different.  Everything you can imagine is real - Pablo Picasso.

3// Work HardSome people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it - Anonymous.  We are going to continue working our little socks off to ensure our shop becomes an absolute must stop in the Midlands.

4// Be original. Our philosophy is to excite our customers with things they haven't seen before.  We don't want our customers to see the same products in every shop on the Meander.

08 January 2014

The Ruby Orchard January Sale

Looking for a bargain this Summer? Or just a little something lovely for yourself? 
The Ruby Orchard Sale has started and there are lots and lots of gorgeous products to be had at a steal! 
Trust us when we say this....These products won't be around for very long so if you are lusting after it be quick to avoid the disappointment! 

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