15 January 2014

A few kind words...


We often get delightful sprinkles of gratitude and thanks from our customers and every single word is appreciated and so to show our appreciation we'd like to offer all the below well wishers a 10% off voucher to spend with us.  If your lovely words are listed below then drop us an email therubyorchard@hotmail.com to claim your voucher!


'I've already told hubby that if he buys me ANYTHING from the shop as a gift, I'm guaranteed to love it! Great selection, displays and lighting - love it!' - Andrea Barras

'Beautiful, unique, quality! I love your shop!!' - Candi Erasmus

'I have read all your posts after finding the link in the Garden & Home mag while on holiday in the Midlands. Popped into the Ruby Orchard after nagging my hubby to let me see. Ooed and aahed over just about everything and wished I could use some of our holiday budget to buy something beautiful...but perhaps next time we visit, now that I know about this lovely shop! My little girl came in with me clasping a little bouncy ball that I was afraid would knock over something fragile. In that moment she had an idea and asked, I think it was Nicola, for a piece of string. It wasn't part of her job description, I'm sure, but solving a little girls problem and finding a piece of string so a little 4 yr old could tie it around her ball, was no trouble at all! I have loved reading your story and trust that you will grow and prosper even more in 2014. What an inspiration!' - Lara

'The Ruby Orchard is lovely for gifts and picture framing, and with such helpful, pleasant people working there, they definitely deserve our support. Well-done to Hannah and her team.'  - Fenella Speed

'Just received such a beautiful gift from my sister who lives in Howick from The Ruby Orchard! Feeling so spoiled. xxx'- Janine Schmitt

'Beautiful' - Sarah Thomson

'What really amazing things you have!!!' - Charmain Edmunds

'My favourite shop in the Midlands, love popping in when ever I can' - Brenda Ellison Sara

'What a privilege to have this awesome shop in our home town!! There are loads of beautiful things to look at all the time - a breath of fresh air.' - Erica Rode

'Dreamy favourite space'  - Catherine Raphael

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