31 January 2014

What a lovely start to 2014!

1// We kicked off the year with a BIG Ruby Orchard sale. Love Milo mugs, Urchin Art bowls, Candy Flowers bags and more are still up to 30% off and further reductions to come next week!

2// We let you in our aspirations for 2014. Making a plan, being creative, working hard and most importantly being original are our top priorities for this year.

3// There were lots of orders placed, boxes unpacked and shelves restocked. We've got lots of lovely new things and some old favourites back in store i.e The Red Scales! We've got lots more boxes on the way so be sure to pop in for a browse soon. 

4// Without you we wouldn't be here and so to show our appreciate we let all of you who'd said a kind word or two about us have 10% off your next purchase. Thank you for your lovely words, they mean the world to us!

5// Our 'Meet the team series' kicked off mid-January giving you a little insight into the team that makes The Ruby Orchard tick.

6// Yummy pizza, fresh veg markets and a Taste of Thai were all on Hannah's top 5 things to do in the Midlands.

7// We extended our Rustic frame range after lots of customer requests. We've now got double & triple frames and bespoke Rustic frames to suit your pretty picture needs!

8// Our window mirrors continued to fly out the store this month.

9// Some new pieces of furniture have been taken apart, sanded down, painted and added to our up-cycled collection. And we are even more excited to be adding some stunning hairpin furniture pieces to our collection in February.

10// Look out for our new wrapping station.... lot's of lovely pretty paper, ribbons, gift bags and washi tape  will be available in store for you to wrap up your gifts with love for that someone special. 

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