29 January 2014

Meet the team - Week 2 Hazel Selepe

1// The best thing I ever bought at The Ruby Orchard... My Carafe
2// My guilty pleasure is… Banoffee Ice-cream

3// What’s on your desk? Paper, paper & more paperwork

4// My favourite thing about summer… The smell of rain on a hot summer afternoon

5// A song that makes you happy, ever single time? Tracey Chapman - Fast Car

6// The movie you just can’t get enough of… TED - lol. Hilariously Funny!

7// What’s the perfect drink to quench your thirst? Peach flavoured Ice-tea

8// Flowers or scatter cushions? Scatter cushions definitely.

9// 2 famous people you’d love to have dinner with? Michelle & Barack Obhama

10// Favourite thing to do in the Midlands? Drive or rather 'Meander around' & buy little treats from here & there

11// Describe yourself in 3 words...
& Boring (well that's what my kids think)

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