15 November 2013

Teachers Gift Guide

I was a teacher for almost 9 years, one of the most rewarding, but exhausting professions in my opinion.  My best friends are teachers, I admire each and every one of them and the hours they put into the profession, because I know they don't do it for the money.  The majority of my time was spent teaching 15-18 year olds and I was occasionally greeted with a gift from a student or parent to say a little thank you. 

Thank you for sitting every Sunday afternoon planning exciting and interesting lessons, Thank you for organising that once in a lifetime school trip (which takes hours!), Thank you for those extra lunchtime sessions you ran leading up to my exams, Thank you for taking us to the sports fixture on a Friday evening, Thank you for always marking my work on time, Thank you for always smiling, Thank you for listening, Thank you for making lessons funny and engaging, Thank you for inspiring me.

Here are a few end of year gift ideas, if you know a teacher who touches the heart of a little one, make them smile.

To all the teachers out there... it is nearly the end of term... Keep going... the holidays are coming... you deserve every second of your break xx

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