04 October 2013

Nice Jugs!

My name is Hannah and I am a Jug obsessive!

Chunky milk jugs, teeny cream jugs, pretty sauce jugs, huge vase jugs, old looking jugs, new shiny jugs, ceramic jugs, tin jugs, jugs with flowers in, jugs with plants in, jugs with hearts on, jugs with birds on... I could go on...!

Whether I am making a morning pot of tea (yes, I am English and drink at least 4 cups a day), having a dinner party or serving afternoon tea and cake I always have a jug of some sort on a tray.  It doesn't have to match, it can be a statement and can brighten a table instantly. 

I actually don't think I own a vase, just oversized jugs of varying shapes and sizes!

To me a jug is a perfect gift. Here are a few we have in stock at the moment... xx





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