01 October 2013

Potty about this pottery!

I spent a morning ambling around the Hilton Arts festival.  Now that's a market!  A real variety of stalls, from the quality market regulars Rondavel soaps and Rollin vintage jewellery, too yummy food and beautiful fresh flowers. 

I stumbled across a stand with the cutest little bowls and dishes.  The glaze was just so, so pretty,  the colours amazed me and not one was the same as another.  This was not a regular crafter I had seen around the Midlands.

Who made these?  Where were they from?  More importantly will they supply The Ruby Orchard?!

I scanned the stand and found the artist - John the Potter!  A meeting arranged, The Ruby Orchard would soon be stocking these lovely bowls all the way from Bettys Bay!

When John arrived at the shop with his truck full of beautiful pottery, Nicola (our newest Shop/admin assistant, web designer, blogger, marketing assistant and all round great to have in your business lady) and I spent over an hour choosing the stock for the shop.  We just couldn't stop... each bowl seemed better than the previous and the table soon became packed full! 89 pieces were finally selected.  They are already flying out of the shop, with the smallest ones starting at just R40 you can see why.

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