09 October 2013

150 hours of pure pleasure

Today we'd like to let you in on the beautiful smell that dances around The Ruby Orchard store... possibly one of the most frequent questions asked by our delightful shoppers. The gorgeous scent comes from these devine Foreva candles, made with only the best quality fully refined wax and with a burning time of between 130 - 150 hours. The candle's wick is custom made to ensure that it doesn't drown in a deep wax pool and they have been doubled poured and iced to create a gorgeous glow that shines through the layers of wax.

Our Foreva candles come in the following scents & make the perfect gift for Christmas!
Freshmint & Pomegranate
Apricot & Buttermilk
Bergamont Cucumber
Brandy Snap

1 comment:

  1. wow. Thats fantastic. Such wonderful smelling scents.


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