11 November 2014

Which? Guide - Cushions

I love a cushion.  I do.  Cushions are the perfect little accessories for a lounge or even bedroom.  They could be that finishing touch, the colour pop that you need to lift a room, the 'thing' that pulls it all together.  They can be big squishy comfy feather cushions, or small neat 'just for show' cushions but I love them and I think they really can be a nice touch.  Of course men don't understand why on earth you need to fill your couch with 20 cushions to make it look better but bless them, that's OK.  We understand :)

Here is a little guide to the lovely cushions at The Ruby Orchard - just waiting to sit on your couch:


Price: R260 (S), R350 (L)
Prettiness:  Simple, bold and a bit edgy 
Usability:   Perfect for a covered outdoor area
Our star rating:  4/5 stars


Price:  R320
Prettiness:  Fun, funky and bright
Usability:   Just what your couch is waiting for, perfect for curling up against
Our star rating:  5/5 stars

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