07 November 2014

A walk back through our blog

With 2014 drawing to a close I have been reflecting on 2014, our triumphs and the lessons I have learnt. Our little shop nestled in the funny old town of Howick continues to grow and spread a little bit of prettiness around South Africa and beyond.

I have taken a walk back through our blog posts of 2014 and here are a few of my faves...

1//   At the start of the year I wrote a little mantra. Make a plan, be original and work hard.  I think I can safely say I have followed these rules and goals set by myself for myself -  Aspirations for 2014.

2// I absolutely love living in the Midlands, lush green countryside, great places to eat, shop and retreat to on sunny afternoons and lazy Sundays.  Check out my top 5 places to visit in the Midlands - Midlands Rocks top 5.

3// I get a total kick out of finding new talent, brilliant products and unique items we can stock.  This blog series has seen us interview the people behind the products in our shop.  We asked them how it all began, their hopes and dreams and even their favourite song. Heather from Skinny La Minx, Sam from Isla Designs, Nicole from Pret a pot are just a few, you can see the whole series here -  Feature on Creative.

4// The absolute best part of my job, turning someone's junk into someone else's treasure. Transforming tired old timber into beautiful, one off pieces seriously excites me and we seem to be getting something right here... as you just keeping buying it!   Here I wrote about preserving the past. You can view some of our best bits in the furniture gallery

5// 2014 has seen The Ruby Orchard team running workshops for Creative business owners.  My confidence as a business owner is growing and so I wrote some tips for new businesses -  Business tips.  I'll be writing more of these in 2015!

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