13 November 2014

All wrapped up for Christmas

One of the most joyous things about gifts - next to giving and receiving them - is wrapping them!     Sometimes just as much thought goes into choosing the wrapping and presentation of the gift, as it does to choosing the gift!  Gone (or dwindling fast) are the days of shiny, twirly ribbon, or elaborate, over the top paper.  Nowadays there are so many absolutely gorgeous things available to make your present stand out and be noticed.  What about plain white paper with red cotton ribbon?  Or Brown paper with a twist of twine and sprig of holly?  The possibilities are endless - take a look at our selection of what we think are beautifully original and unique gift wrapping ideas and let YOUR creativity fly :)

No fancy wrapping paper, no shiny tinsel or sparkly ribbons. 

Brown paper creates simple elegant and stylish parcels to pop under your tree. 

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