05 November 2014

Christmas gifts: Stocking fillers

When we were kids, we each had a Christmas stocking (or pillowcase actually ) which we would put out on Christmas Eve and it would magically be filled with presents of all sorts of shapes and sizes on Christmas morning.  The Christmas stocking/pillowcase was sometimes the most exciting part of Christmas morning, because it was filled with lots of little gifts painstakingly wrapped by *Santa* (aka Mom).  Although each present was just a little something: bubble bath or a keyring, an action figure or a chocolate - they were always something that we loved and sometimes they felt like the most special gift in the whole world. 

Here are a few gift ideas from The Ruby Orchard that we think would be perfect stocking fillers for Christmas.

1.  Slinky spring - R130

2. Pencil crayons R90

3. Coasters - R99
4.  2015 Diary - R140

5. Keyrings - R35

6.  Washi tape - R34

7. Skinny La Minx change purse R99

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