29 September 2014

This weeks Which? Guide - Salad Bowls

This week we look at Salad bowls.

Great big luscious salads filled with loads of fresh veggies, or smaller, daintier salads, with just a few select ingredients - what is your preference?  Whether you are catering for a big family gathering, or a birthday braai, or even a quiet dinner for two - we have something to suit all occasions.

We have a gorgeous selection of salad bowls to choose from - which one will grace your table?

Beautiful, big and bold twisted salad bowl from Pret-a-pot

Price:  R365
Prettiness:  Pretty with an edgy exterior
Usability:   Perfect for a big salad at a braai or family gathering
Our star rating:  5/5 stars

Gorgeous turquoise colours - Urchin Art

Price:  R335
Prettiness:  Very pretty - gorgeous turquoise and white. Great Value. 
Usibility:   The smallest of our bowls, perfect for a small, simple salad
Our star rating: 3/5 stars

 Bold, gorgeous and all the way from Betty's Bay by John the Potter

Price:  R750
Prettiness:  Oh so pretty - the colours are beautiful
Usibility:   Another big, fill to the top type bowl that could cater for a big group
Our star rating: 4/5 stars

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