01 September 2014

Our 'Which' Guide - Biccy tins... which one is for you?

Our 'Which' guide is a product comparison post.   We'll choose products from the store that do the same job and compare them by price, prettiness, effectiveness, popularity!  Let us know which one you would choose!

We use a local clever girly to apply the 'Rusks' text making this product only available at The Ruby Orchard. Christmas 2013 saw customers filling these jars with scarves, soaps and notebooks to make a fab pressie. 

Price: R155
Size: 17cmx16cm
Prettiness: Classic design, the ribbon adds a special touch.
Number sold in the last month: 3
Our star rating: 4/5 Stars

Blue Chicken Biscuit Barrel imported form the UK from British Designer Emma Bridegwater.  

Price: R230
Size: 20cmx18cm
Prettiness: Blue and white can look great in a kitchen. I think this design has a vintage feel.
Number sold in the last month: 1
Our star rating: 3/5 Stars 

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