06 September 2014

Our 5 favourite things about spring

Spring is in the air.  It's the most delicious feeling knowing that soon the days will be filled with glorious sunshine, the grass will be emerald green and soft and cool beneath your feet, the skies will be endlessly blue and in the afternoon - the magical summer thunderstorms roll in and clean and refresh everything, ready for the next day.  I can't wait!

But until then, we have the lovely newness of spring to enjoy.  Spring is all about renewal, revival, refreshment - it's when colours are new, light is softer, sun that little bit warmer.  Days are full of promise of what's to come.

Our 5 favourite things about Spring are:

1.  All the new babies!  Calves, lambs, foals, ducklings - too cute for words
2.  The weather - it's warming up, it's brighter - what's not to love about that.
3.  The smell of jasmine and honeysuckle in the air - absolutely delicious
4.  Slops/flip flops - we can wear them again.  Yay.
5.  Colours are back - bright, beautiful bursts of colour announce the arrival of Spring

What are you favourite things about Spring?

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