18 February 2014

Random Acts of Kindness


Welcome to our Exclusive Ruby Orchard Shopper Launch!

At The Ruby Orchard we like to keep things fresh, searching for new products is on our weekly task sheet. We only order small quantities of products to ensure that you don't see the same items every time you visit us and are wowed by what is new!

We have created a newsletter for those of you who like to stay ahead!

By signing up to our newsletter you will receive a monthly email jam packed with exclusive sneak peaks of new product arrivals, special offers, discount vouchers, information about up and coming sales, invites to events and much much more!

A kind act from us to you, just because - Everyone who signs up in to our exclusive Ruby Orchard Shopper newsletter during February & March will receive a 10% discount.

So what are you waiting for....??

Sign up now....

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