13 September 2013

What’s in a window…?

Today our shop window grew… it grew a lot, well actually it almost doubled. 

We are lucky enough to have a shop on a main road… or are we? A window display is the bill board for a store. It excites and invites or you just don’t notice and drive on.

Many of our customers have told us they have driven by, and then had to turn around and venture inside.  How can we keep the window displays fresh, intriguing and downright awesome?!

Quirky displays that tell a story rather than display a set of products may work on Oxford street, London, but Howick?

Scrolling through the images on this blog made me feel quite homesick… I long to amble around Covent Garden and gaze into all the shops that I miss so much… I think some of these window displays are verging on ‘art’… not that I know very much about art! http://thewindowdisplayblog.com/


Keep your eye out…window displays to make you do a U turn at The Ruby Orchard coming soon!!

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