04 September 2013

Imported Vs Proudly South African

I recently went on a buying trip, searching for new ranges and products to sell at The Ruby Orchard.  The trade show boasts halls of quirky signs, trendy ceramics, rustic home décor, cosy cushions and a load of tat… where do I start?!  

How do I select a range of products that sit in harmony with each other, excite buyers and do not make customers wince when they turn over the price tag?

Should I focus on products made in South Africa?

How can I make The Ruby Orchard remain different from the other shops on the Midlands Meander? 

I LOVE locally made products. Our Rondavel soap range, signs by Oak & Willow, Alice May Dippy Egg boards and our homemade scarves are some of my favourite products we stock.  I still find new locally produced products every week using social media, craft markets, word of mouth and crafty friends.

But sometimes imported products are just so nice. Little silver birds, ceramic bunnies, chunky pots with pretty turquoise glazes… and all such great prices.  I also want to fly the British flag in Howick and stock my favourites from back home.

So, the answers to my questions… I buy what I like, what I would put in my home, rustic, yet stylish, cute and timeless, and no designer price tags.  Some of our products are imported, some are made locally and crafted by South African hands. It is that simple.

So excited our new stock has started to arrive.  The Ruby Orchard - Just lovely things.



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