19 September 2013

Waratha Proteas now in store!

Aren't these gorgeous? Locally grown and freshly cut this morning! What more could you want to brighten your day?! Waratah Proteas will now be sold fresh in store every Thursday so be sure to pick up your bunch before they are gone...

Here are some tips to make your Waratah Blooms last longer:
Make sure that the vase is big enough – they are very thirsty!  Remove any leaves that will be under the water line – they will rot. Take a hammer and mash the bottom of the stem (about 3cm). This opens up more area for water absorption.  

Water - Add a tsp. of sugar to the water (food) and a tsp. of bleach (keeps bacteria at bay).  Every two days change the water completely – add sugar and bleach at each water change.  Adding an aspirin will acidify the water, increasing the water uptake and the longevity of the flowers.

Placement – Place ideally where there is good air circulation. Although they like light, they don’t need direct sunlight – this could cause them to dry out prematurely, The best is a place that receives indirect sun, and remains cool during the day. 

With good conditions you can count on your Waratahs lasting as long as three weeks - they will dry out naturally in the vase and can be kept as a dry arrangement if you wish!

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