12 January 2015

Bucket list 2015

2015 is going to be a huge year for The Ruby Orchard.  We have plans drawn up for some exciting new projects and cannot wait to get this year started!

Our homely, natural and refreshing store aims to continue to excite and inspire you.  I love a list!  So I have made a bucket list to kick start my year!

1// Join Twitter and get involved!! In 2014 we mastered Instagram... we are now tweeting and will be giving you regular updates on our twitter feed.

2// Write a business tips series on the blog.  I wrote some tips for creative businesses in 2014 and you seemed to love them!  In 2015 I'll be writing a whole series - starting with 'Being different'.

3// Revamp our blog into an awesome, user friendly website. We'll be enlisting the skills of the talented Nicola Tweed for this.

4// Build Howick Mirror & Glass a new home.  Our other family business currently runs from the same premises as The Ruby Orchard, in 2015 they will be relocating making more space for prettiness and our exciting new development!

5// Grow our furniture range - The workshop is already filling up with new projects for Zak and Ray to get stuck into.  We will also be designing, developing and manufacturing the coolest bar stools in SA!

6// We will be working with Nadia vd Mescht again in 2015 to get some twitter and social media tips, map our marketing strategies for 2015 and start work on the branding for the new development.

7// Photo focus.  Sandi and I are budding photographers, in 2015 we'll be polishing up our photography skills to give you brilliant and regular photo updates of all our products.

8// 2014 saw us run workshops for creative individuals looking to wholesale their products into stores. In 2015 we will be offering 1-1 consultations for creative's who want a personal and honest appraisal and want to learn how to approach retailers to get their products onto shelves!

9// Extend our opening hours.  With our big plans for 2015, opening for longer on Saturdays and opening on Sundays is inevitable.

10// We love hosting an event, party, evening with drinks... in 2015 we have plans for a number of new events... afternoon teas, guest speakers, crafty sessions... watch this space!

11// Lastly,  Positivity is my mantra for 2015.  I vow to stay positive, use positive thoughts, always look and plan forward and see the good in difficult situations.  When S*!t happens turn it into fertiliser!!!

Have a great year!


  1. Yay for number 1, 2 & 3....
    Oh wait basically all of them and most especially jealous of number 6!!!

    1. I need to get cracking with this list now! Looking forward to our web session on Wednesday!

  2. I'm sure you'll have all those things done sooner than later. Your store looks rather promising, and properly located. You'll really just have to keep a keen eye on all the stuff about inventory, since I'm sure the orders are going to land on your door real fast. Thanks for sharing that! I wish you and your business all the best!

    Darcy Grubaugh @ Quantum Buyers

  3. Setting up goals is the best way to start your year right, especially if it will benefit you and your business. And it’s good to see that you’re about to start implementing your marketing strategies through social media. In my opinion, it’s very practical to do so, since a lot of people are using social media these days for different reasons. So it’s a perfect opportunity for you to communicate, build good rapport, and hopefully turn your audience into possible clients. Good luck!

    Carolyn Figueroa @ Maximized Marketing


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