20 January 2015

Being Organised: Planners, diaries and lists

If you ask any successful person what they think is the key to being efficient, on the ball and on top of things - I bet they would say "Planning!"   Planning is the key to being in control, to being aware of what's going on, to keep track of what you have accomplished and what you still need to do - nothing worse than suddenly remembering your boss is due in a meeting five minutes ago because you forgot to write it down or put in the diary - *scream*.

Now Hannah is partial to a to-do list and I must say I love them to - mostly the part where I get to *tick* off a task!

We have some lovely things to help you keep up to date and a step ahead, take a look at our range of desk pads, diaries, pads and notebooks:

Weekly Planner - R80

Mini notepads - R30

Lined hard cover notebooks by Millamae - R85

Mr Fox magnetic note pad - R58 // Stuff To Do note pad - R30

Wooden Block desk calendar - R420

World Map block Vintage desk calendar - R220

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