13 August 2014

Why we love following...

Here at The Ruby Orchard we love a little bit of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It's the best place to learn more about what's hip and happening and find inspiration. Today we thought we'd share 5 of our favourite social media accounts that we follow...

On Instagram - The Every Girl 
The Every Girl Instagram account is the best account for photo styling inspiration, their clean, crisp and colourful photos are picture heaven. We'd love to be able to take our product styling photos like the Every Girl. 

On Bloglovin' - Indieberries
Called us biased but we just love love Indieberries for her quirky fun business blog posts, occasional rants and cute little doodles. We are so excited to stock Che's products and have her here in person for our second workshop

Instagram - Skinny La Minx
Possibly my most favourite Instagram account, I love seeing where Heather gets her inspiration  and I just love the random sparks of inspiration and doodles that seem to flow when out grabbing a cuppa. 

Facebook - Nadia van der Mescht
A firm favourite and a great source of creative business knowledge!

Pinterest - Ann-Marie Espinoza
Ann-Marie's Pinterest account is carefully curated and is my ultimate go to for inspiration. It's a house full of gorgeous pictures from crafty projects to bedroom styling. 

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