14 March 2014

Soon to be stocking - Skinny laMinx

Those of you who signed up for our newsletter will have already received the news that we will soon be stocking Skinny laMinx!

Skinny laMinx was started in 2006 by Heather Moore.  Her contemporary textiles and home goods are designed and manufactured in Cape Town are available worldwide.  I came across Skinny laMinx products at a pop up shop in Hilton a couple of years ago and was instantly in love!

Skinny laMinx Shop - 201 Bree Street, Cape Town

The Skinny laMinx designs are funky and fresh, natural and vibrant.  They will add a trendy pop of colour to any home, table or outfit.  These gorgeous cushions, make up bags, tote bags, trays and more have been dispatched from Cape Town and should be in store next week! 

I literally cannot wait to brighten up the shop with these stunning, proudly South African products. With only a handful of stockists in KZN we are so happy to be bringing Skinny laMinx to the Midlands. 


  1. Yay! Can't wait to come and see :) Love Heather's stuff :)

    1. Nicola and I are already reserving things for ourselves!! See you soon :-)


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