12 March 2014

Furniture you won't find anywhere else!

We recently refurbished an old workbench, the legs were not salvageable so we designed, manufactured and spray painted a steel table base.  It's clean lines and simple design against the rustic, chunky top looked stunning. 

A customer loved the piece and thought it would work so nicely on her poolside deck.  She asked us to design and manufacture a set of eight stools to nestle under the table. 

Our decor and gift shop is always keen for a challenge!  When I was at school (in the UK) all students had to select two technology based subjects to study from ages 14-16. Girls usually opted to study food technology and textiles.  I however decided to join the wood and metal work and graphic design classes.  Well, the skills I learnt are now paying off!  I love sketching furniture and working with the skilled and talented people who work at and around the Ruby Orchard to bring these sketches to the shop floor. 

Here is the completed set.  I love it, but don't think it is everyone's cup of tea... we would love to hear what you think. 


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    1. Thanks Andrea! We are working on some more similar ones and bar stools... watch this space!


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