09 December 2013

Gift Guide: Gifts for her

A Christmas gift...
for a special Mum
for your bestest friend
for a glamorous granny
for a wonderful Grandma
for a sister who always makes you smile
for a mother in law, it is his mum!
for your wife... hint hint...

1// Cake Tin R105,  Biscuit Tin R85, Sweetie Tin R55
2// Sterling Silver spiral rings, beautifully hand crafted in the Midlands R580
3// Scarves R140
4// Sterling Silver bracelets, hand made in the Midlands R640 & R660
5// Pretty Purses R185
6// Heart shaped token ceramic bowls R130
7// Stunning sterling silver bracelet, handmade in the Midlands R1820
8// Hangbags R350 - R450

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