12 December 2013

Feature on Creative: Baobab bags

Bianca from Baobab Bags stepped into our store about 3 weeks ago with these beautifully printed tea towels, aprons and bags. All handmade with love and now in store! Read on to find out how Bianca got Baobab bags started...

How did your business begin? Where/when did it all start?
It all began in 2010 after having studied interior design and working for a range of companies, I started working for a fabric house. I always had a love for fabrics, but there were so many and not enough furniture or pieces to use them on ;)  but having to rep meant living out a bag for weeks on end  and I could never fit enough in the bag I had at the time, and to try separate dirty from clean became impossible! Being the fussy person I am I hated the idea of everyone else having the same as me so thus I decided mass production was not my thing and that there were so MANY different fabrics and now was my chance to use them all. The company closed and it forced me to take the step and follow my dreams, I have since then moved to Ladysmith and run my business from here together with a printing and Embroidery department!

Why do you do what you do?
This may sound cliché but it’s what I enjoy, I have always had a love for sewing and to make life look a little bit more creative. Instead of a boring disposable shopping bag why not be eco-friendly and get multiple uses out of the bag. Make traveling and life a little more fun!

When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?
Ooo..that changed by the day from a teacher to an actress ;)

What inspires you when designing new products?
 Friends and family, as well as textures and different mediums be it paint, trims, cloths etc. I’m not the trendiest person; I look at practicality in a creative way.

What are your hopes and dreams for your products?
For people to enjoy the concept of my designs. Too make practical items a little more creative. And for my business to become something amazing.

About you-
Top Song Our wedding song;) Joshua Radin Lovely Tonight
Top food Anything involving seafood-as long as their heads aren’t attached, Ha Ha!
Top beverage Pineapple Juice-my husband got me hooked on those in Thailand!
Top place *HOME* as they say ‘’Home is where <3 (heart) is’’
Top movie I’m very much a ‘chick flick’ kinda girl, so has to be Sweet Home Alabama! ‘Why do you want to marry me anyhow? So I can kiss you any time I want!’

Imagine you’re heading out for dinner with a bunch of creative geniuses-who would you be sitting around the table with you?
Most definitely my grandmother-she has been such an inspiration to me and taught me everything I know with regards to sewing and creativity! And then definitely friends and family, I see them as geniuses -as in a simple conversation with me they can say the simplest comments which lead to the next great idea!

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