30 July 2014

Support Handmade

Is buying handmade more expensive?

Yes it can be and that's why we feel this pretty image sums up exactly why some of the crafty little products in our store may need a little more of your investment than any of our others products. We source quite a few of our ranges from local Creatives who spend many hours coming up with their unique products. And so when you buy their products you are not just buying their product you are buying a little piece of their imagination and their Sunday afternoons spent timelessly experimenting with new and exciting designs. 

**I found this a while ago, saved it in my Ruby Orchard inspiration folder and now unfortunately can't seem to find the resource. We hate using images and quotes on our blog or social media accounts without ensuring we have the original source to reference and praise the person who created it, we apologise and thank the creator in advance but something like this really was too good for us not to share! **

Edit - 5.9.14 Thanks to helpful, lovely person... we found the source of this image... check out her illustrations on her facebook page... its simply lovely! 


  1. Hiya, was just browsing for "support handmade" images on Google to put up at my craft stall this weekend and came across your page. Thought I'd let you know that the piccie is by Kate Creates - https://www.facebook.com/KateCreates/photos/pb.11375499857.-2207520000.1409909338./10152393621254858/?type=3&theater, one of my fave FB pages ;-)


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